What should I wear to a photo shoot

      What should I wear to a photo shoot? I thought I’d just pop together a very quick blog post with some high street charms I found whilst out buying Evie new clothes, for some reason her legs seem to grow every minute and her waist hasn’t grown since 2015! Does anyone else have this issue? I really struggle to get clothes to fit her waist and her legs at the same time, If you know of any stores that could work for her please leave it in the comments below 🙂

      So we have so many amazing high street stores to choose from as well as online stores.

      Some of my favourites are

      H&M,  ZARA, Mango, Next, Mini Boden, Joules, Matalan, Monsoon and Primark

      At the bottom of this post I have included some of the items from Next I loved, but for now here are some tips on preparing for your photo shoot.

      Wrexham Family Photographer

      Colour Palettes

      Spring Summer Pastels with a punch, these work well anywhere but especially in a meadow, at the beach or country estate.

        Cool Pastels                                                                                        Warm Pastels

      Natalie Overthrow Wrexham Photography style guide

      Earthy Pastels                                                                                     Bright Pastels

      what should I wear to a photo shoot

      What should I wear to a photo shoot 

      Some quick colour tips for locations

      Blue, white, beige, peach and pink always work well at the beach.

      Yellows, whites, blues and Pink always work well in buttercup meadows.

      Pink, grey, blue, and white always work well with bluebells

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      Always feel free to bring a second or third outfit. During a photo session, we will move around, our backgrounds will vary and so can your outfits.

      Wrexham Family Photographer 


      Make sure your family coordinates, I don’t want you to match but you need to be tonal, so if your daughter has a cute dress then pull the colours from it or if Mum has a print or patterned dress pull the colours from that. Mix prints, stripes and patterns through the family and add big blocks of solid colour, these work well on Dad or the boys but can also be good to break up patterned skirts or leggings on the girls.

      Wrexham and Chester Child and Family Photographer


      Don’t be afraid to get fancy and dress up smart put the boys in braces or dad in a shirt or go with a theme like 70’s Boho style a white T with flares, a pom-pom loose shirt or an awesome long floaty dress and wedges are just stunning. If you want your waist or back on show then go for it these all make for amazing images.

      Don’t be afraid of colour, but make sure the colour you choose compliments your skin tone and hair colour.

      What to wear to a photo shoot 

      Prints, patterns & stripes

      As above I love texture and depth this is easily added to your photos through your outfits.  Stripes are a favourite of mine along with small floral prints.

      My portfolio has some examples of this

      What to wear to a photo shoot 


      I love the movement in images it just tells a story, creates connection and adds interest. The best ways to create movement is with hair and fabric so floaty dresses, skirts and scarves all work amazingly.

      Wrexham and Chester Child and Family Photographer

      Logo’s, big transfers and trainers

      Skip them, logos are distracting so are large transfers and these never make for a timeless image. Some large transfers can add interest to an outfit and image on boys but these must be styled well. For me football shirts have their place and that place isn’t on camera, this may sound really bad but it’s not timeless and they never coordinate with anything else.

      Trainers can make or break an image, so choose them wisely flip-flops, deck shoes and sandals all work well even barefoot.

      What to wear to a photo shoot 

      Little Things

      A spray tan can make us all look good and feel good but they don’t always photograph well as they can edit on the green side and if it’s a heavy fake tan you can look like an umpa lumpa next to the rest of your family, so I would always say air on the side of caution and either skip it or apply a light base, for me the moisturiser ones work best.

      Nails, now these may be photographed more than you think so a little clear vanish or a manicure will shine them up a treat and it’s also a nice excuse to get pampered and escape from everyone for an hour 🙂

      Hair & Makeup

      If you want to go all out then feel free to get your hair and makeup done professionally, hiring a professional photographer is a big decision and the images will be a lot sharper than any phone camera.

      One thing I ask is that you ask them to go easy on a heavy eye as this shrinks your eyes on professional camera’s and really easy on the highlighter as we pick this up like a sunbeam on your face and it can be hard to correct whilst editing your images.

      It’s no longer the case of adding extra makeup for the camera, cameras are really sharp these days and extra layers show up thick on outdoor photography.

      Hair down is always my favourite and by adding some texture to it with loose waves makes it look really pretty in images, use little clips for the girls to clip back any loose strands that could hide her face.

      Wrexham Family and Child Photographer 


      Big floppy hats, clips, jewellery, blankets, bralettes and scarves are all thumbs up in my book even a cool pair of sunglasses or your Childs favourite toy all add personality to your images and make them you.

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      What should I wear to a photo shoot 

      Style Guide

      When you book in with me I send you my full brochure including my style guide, I am also just on the end of the phone, email or messenger to help you with an outfit questions you may have or help you choose which ones will work best for our chosen location

      What to wear to a photo shoot can sometimes seem consuming but as long as you’re comfy and happy to display your outfits in an image then that’s all that matters. Confidence is the best thing anyone can wear to a session and the outfits are just the cherry on the cake.

      I’m just an email, phone call or message away and more than happy to help, look at your outfit choices and even make some suggestions.

      What should I wear to a photo shoot 

      I’m loving Next so far this year.

      Whilst I was at Next I was pleasantly surprised they have some really pretty floaty dresses, awesome patterns and a large pastel colour palette which is always my favourite in spring and summer for both boys and girls.

      Below of the items in Next this season.


      wrexham children and family photographer north wales


      what should I wear to a photo shoot

      what should I wear to a photo shoot 

      You can see Evie in the cactus print dress from next here

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