So the majority of us prefer the warmer months of the year here in the UK but sometimes waiting till July for a summer session or November for an autumn session can mean totally missing the bit of the season you wanted most in your images.

          Let us break it into seasons first to simplify things but once I’ve explained that I’ll tell you exactly what month is best for bluebells, hazy evenings and rich autumnal colours.

          First Seasons


          Early spring can still be pretty bare, yes we start to get a little blossom showing here and there but the rest of the hedgerows still look pretty dead depending on how cold winter was, evenings start to get lighter (thankfully) and come mid-spring all is green again, wood anemones are sprouting, bluebells are out and it’s  starting to warm up.

          Later spring is fab for those that prefer it a bit warmer, very green backdrops and bluebells.

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          So most folks go to season for images and in all honesty my favourite, I love the long buttercups and unkept grasses, the warm long nights and the freedom it gives us to wear less on a shoot, but it can be hot and to get that gorgeous late evening hazy sun you have to keep little ones up extra late, but my god is it worth it.

          For hot beach days, we can work around this with small children by shooting very early or very late.


          Golden leaves and cute knits and hats, this is my second busiest season, but I personally find folk leave it till the end of Autumn when all the leaves have near enough fallen, this is beautiful but for me I love the start of autumn as the leaves just start to turn and haven’t quite fallen fully yet.

          Pumpkin picking is always a good option to add in.

          TIP if you love the autumn colours and want them to feature heavily in your images then avoid beach shoots as the beach tends to be seasonless.


          Probably the most surprising season and one too little chose. Winter has the BEST sunsets in the UK they emit a gorgeous cool yet pink glow that is so flattering, yes its the coldest of the seasons but December 2018 saw highs of 15 at one point but I get that it’s unpredictable and often too cold for very small children.

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          So which month is best?

          So now to explain in a little more detail about what each month has to offer so you can ensure you book at the right time.


          January normally means snow! the light is limited and the days very short but oh my god January has the best sunsets of the whole year! it’s a gorgeous cool warmth that flatters everyone and everything and can make the most barren of landscapes look beautiful.

          But it can be bitterly cold so hats and scarves at the ready, the best time to shoot in early winter is around 2pm as the day has warmed up a little and the sun is starting to set.

          January is not for the faint-hearted but it’s so rewarding.


          Sometimes February can throw a few warm days our way and is normally quite dry if it isn’t snowing or blowing a gale, like January it has beautiful sunsets and teamed with the long grasses the farmers haven’t cut back makes for interesting images.


          One of my favoured months and again because of the lovely late afternoon light, when you’re an outdoor photographer light is everything and it’s why we suggest certain locations, month and times of the day to shoot.

          March can be surprisingly warm, this march has been quite lovely and has fooled me a few times into getting the sandals out to only have to put them away 3 days later lol

          Towards the end of March, buds are starting to show and broom bushes are in full flower, evergreen trees and shrubs are starting to look full of life again and you’ll find the odd bit of long dead grass here and there.

          The beach is beautiful this time of year as the light isn’t too harsh at any time of day, but big jumpers are definitely needed.

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          So April means buds opening, blossom, daffodils and towards the end of the month the start of the bluebells. Nights are lighter and days warmer but we still have a little bit of that beautiful winter sunset left over.

          Some of our favourite greenery may still be a little barren but the majority of hedgerows will be either green or covered in blossom, it’s a gorgeous time of year if you love spring.

          April showers can be a bit of a pest mind!

          Little something to bear in mind, if the weather is warmer the bluebells, wild garlic and Daffs will all be much earlier (like this year)

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          Bluebells are in full swing if it is a warm spring these will pass by week 2 but if it’s a cooler month they will be here for the whole month.

          Everything is finally green again WHOOP and the days are so much warmer.

          Summer dresses are safely worn and the winter boots can be firmly put away although a little cardi may still be needed. Buttercups are starting to come up and the sunsets are pink and lovely.

          The light is soft and so pretty in shade.

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          What can I say, the blossom and bluebells have gone but have left us with long grass, buttercups, foxgloves and sea holly at the beach.

          I just love the beach 🙂 June is a very versatile month and we have the start of the late sunsets so shooting after school is always an option and free’s up your weekends.

          July & August

          So July is normally hot the grass is long and full of seed the nights are super long and the sunsets very hazy and orange, July and August offer a warm glow only those two months can because the sun is high.

          It does mean that most sunset shoots have to start around 7pm. For little ones that just can’t stay up that long without self-destructing I like to shoot very early in the morning as early as 7.30 and no later than 10 am or we hit the hot midday sun.

          We can shoot midday but you will find I mainly place you in the shade and young ones can get a little irritated with heat.

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          So it’s the confused month am I still summer or am I the start of autumn? well, it’s another one of my favourite months for that reason.

          We have the end of the long grasses and green leaves so the colours are becoming less intense and the sunsets are earlier but less orange and it’s cooler for little ones.

          I always say if you want autumn clothes without a coat then this is the best month to do that, as cosy jumpers and dying back meadows look beautiful

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          The best month for Autumn shoots in my opinion as the leaves are still on the trees and you get that fab colour in the background.

          So if we have had a good summer the leaves will be lovely but if the summer has been wet then the leaves can be less vibrant and earlier to change.

          We get the odd days where coats can be taken off but in whole this month is colder.

          Sunsets are earlier which is great for little ones if that’s the look you’re after.

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          OK November is cold,  leaves have fallen so we have a lovely crunchy sea of orange and mainly bare trees, you’ll need to wrap up warm.

          Bulky coats on toddlers can be distracting as they cover their faces so coat choice is something to think about.

          Sunsets are cooler when we get them, skies are greyer and the weather is unpredictable, but still a gorgeous month to go out and shoot.

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          So last year we had a few warm days, coat off days which was fab as I had clients booked in 🙂 So personally, people book me in December to capture family visiting whether it be from overseas or other ends of the UK. I always say if the weather is good we will head out into the garden or the local park but worst-case scenario we shoot indoors.

          So there is some dead long grass, a bit of holly and mainly dead trees lol but it can still look awesome.

          BONUS TIP

          The beach is gorgeous all year round in winter its full of wet sand and dead grass and such gorgeous winter light and in summer it’s bursting with colour, warm dry sand and warm light

          It’s an all rounder

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