The Stone Collector

      The Stone Collector | So does anyone else’s child love stones? I find them everywhere, if they’re not banging around in the washing machine then they are falling out of her pocket and onto my toes or being sucked up into the G-Tech!

      I came home from a shoot and found her on the building site searching for stones 🙂 if it’s not stones, then it’s sticks. She is very particular about what stones she likes a visit to the beach can take hours and her favourite beach it Llandudno so you can imagine how long that takes!


      The Stone CollectorMaking a tough decision as to keep it or put it back

      The Stone Collector

      Wrexham family photographerThe Stone Collector The stone collectorThe Stone CollectorThe stone collector
      The Stone Collector

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Nat xx

      The Stone Collector

      Hat – Bench

      Dress – Next

      Shoes – DrMartens