So sunrise shoots don’t necessarily have to be right at sunrise to give you an idea of seasonal times
      Spring:  Late March to June and sunrise tends to start around 7am, slowly getting earlier into May when its around 5.30am
      Summer: June sunrise is around 4.30am and by August its moved back to around 6am
      So its not for everyone, but and its a BIG BUT you can use that early light to your advantage, these sessions are great for;
      Before school
      Before Work
      Early risers
      If your Children are at the best first thing in the day
      The benefit of an early sessions means we miss the high sun, especially in summer, we also miss the crowds, young children aren’t so tired or hungry and you get the rest of the day to yourself 🙂 Plus the light is just beautiful.
      My sessions can last up to 2 hours, you can even bring breakfast along and we can make it a thing 🙂
      Nat xx