So SCENT, you may be thinking what is SCENT?

          Well, its five headstrong ladies wanting to make a difference one shoot at a time.

          Tiffany brought us all together almost 2 years ago and I’m so glad it happened as this bunch of oddballs are like family now and I’m pretty sure we are stuck with each other for life or at least as long as there is facebook messenger.

          After my shoot with Mia and Jon, I felt it was something I wanted to do for other families in similar situations.

          I got talking to the girls about it as I knew Emma had been thinking about doing something along the same lines for a few months.

          Emma lost her best friend Gemma to suicide a year ago. Gemma had struggled with mental health for a long time and Emma wanted to do something in her memory and at the same time raise money for MIND and make a difference.

          So after much talking SCENT was born, odd name? not really it’s our initials 

          That was Emma’s brain baby 😉 and I’m pretty sure she was alcohol-free at that point to

          We love it, you can find out all about us here 

          Where are we

          Together we will be covering 5 areas of the UK but anyone is welcome to travel to one of us should you wish.

          We would love for you to contact us either through the scent websites or drop us a message via our personal platforms and websites, all the info can be found here

          We can’t photograph everyone but we will do our best to capture as many as we can, you will receive all your images from the shoot free of charge, please contact us to apply.

          All of us have our favoured charities and they are very close to our hearts, we would love it if you could donate just a little something, whether you’ve received a shoot from us, know someone who has or just have a spare couple of quid you want to give away 🙂 

          You can find our just giving pages here 

          Scent Charity shoots

          My Charity

          As some of you will already know we lost Simon’s (My Hubby)  brother Paul and his Mum Val to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

          Since Val’s death, Simon has been diagnosed with a rare genetic heart condition that affects the electrical paths and sodium channels in the heart.

          This can cause life-threatening arrhythmias so in November he had an ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator) fitted to save him should his heart stop suddenly and our daughter is also being treated. 

          So I’ve chosen CRY – Cardiac Risk In the Young as my charity, 12 young people die each week of undiagnosed heart conditions and CRY are trying to change this one donation at a time. 

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          Below you can find the Photo-shoot that started all this for me, I also wrote a blog post a few weeks ago explaining a little more about the shoots I will be offering as part of the team over at SCENT and you can find this here 

          Nat x

          Mia’s Shoot 

          scent photo


          I was asked by Jon to come along and mentor him on a shoot he had been asked to do my Mia’s nurse.

          When he first asked I felt a little apprehensive I’m not going to lie, but something inside me said you have to do this and I am beyond glad I did.

          We did the shoot within a week of being asked as we knew Mia was looking well and feeling ok to be out and about for a short time.

          We choose a park local to Mia and her family so we didn’t have to drive too far.

          As soon as I met her I knew she was trouble, her wheelchair had a flat tyre and she just rolled her eyes at them all LOL luckily I had a pump in my boot and we were fixed in no time.

          The session was a mix of emotions and a lot of smiles, she loved the camera.

          Mia was an incredibly special little girl who changed my outlook on life and I’ll be forever grateful to her for that. 

          Sadly Mia lost her battle a few weeks after her photo session, but knowing that the images mean so much to Martine, Mia’s mum makes all the tears through editing the images and writing this post worth it.

          Jon and I are both in difficult situations with our daughters. Who knows what the future may hold for them both, so this was something we had to do.

          Thank you, Jon, for asking me along.

          scent scent scent

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          As ever thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this or even just for looking at the images I really appreciate it

          Nat x