Road Trips With Small Children

      Road Trips With Small Children | Travelling France was probably my favourite holiday to date and it was the first road trip we had done with Evie, we worried a little about her being bored stuck in a car for so long but she was absolutely awesome at it.

      We did the usual and bought her a DVD player with her favourite films, we made her a playlist and bought her an in-car colouring station which she still loves now, you can buy it here.

      I popped a cool box next to her with drinks and healthy snacks and it seemed to work and we also broke the travel time between each destination into friendly chunks, stopping off along the way.

      We had one disaster that left me a little red-faced when we stopped at a service station mid France and used one of the self-cleaning loos, anyways we are mid visit when the toilet decides to self-clean and Evie freaks out, opens the door onto the car park and runs out, leaving me sat there with my knickers around my ankles for all to see. It still haunts me now.

      Wrexham Family and Child Photographer

      The Trip

      Road Trips With Small Children

      Starting out from Wrexham and took the Euro Tunnel to Calais

      From there we spent a few nights in Chambord at a Eurocamp at Le Chateau Des Marais which was just so peaceful and great for kids and we met some lifelong friends.

      We then moved down through the centre of France stopping off in hotels until we reached the South where we spent 9 days exploring 🙂

      We stayed at Eurocamp Club Colombier for most of it and loved it, it was in the right place to travel back and to all the places in the south we wanted to visit.

      Then travelled back home up the opposite side of France ( we came down one side and went home on the other side) stopping along the way at little hotels and vineyards.

      On one of our day trips, we found this gorgeous place below Notre-Dame Abbey of Sénanque the monks still run the monastery and it very popular with French brides.

      Road Trips With Small Children

      Wrexham, Chester, North Wales, France, family, photographer

      This place smelt amazing and also created a fear of bee’s in Evie as she decided to pick one up and stroke it!!

      You can image what happened next 🙁

      Wrexham, Chester, North Wales, France, family, photographer

      We stopped for lunch in La Bastide de Gordes, which is just breathtakingly gorgeous and with an 18 million refit it’s no wonder.

      You can check it out here the hotel is nestled in the hillside of Gordes village with a stunning view of Provence. Book early as it sells out fast.

      Wrexham, Chester, North Wales, France, family, photographer

      France is full of sunflower fields they dress the sides of every motorway like blankets of gold.

      One of the reasons I love to drive France is the fact that the motorways are so pretty if its not sunflowers its lavender or vineyards and you can’t go wrong with any of those 🙂

      Road Trips With Small Children wrexham family photographer travelling FranceWe spent 3 weeks travelling France and loved every minute, I can’t wait to do it again but there are a few more places I need to tick off my list first before I return.

      Travelling with children is as easy as you make it. We have always pulled Evie from pillar to post with us so she is more than likely used to travelling but if you keep them entertained and involved in the car or van they should be fine.

      I would recommend road trips to everyone.

      Road Trips With Small Children

      wrexham family photographer travelling France

      Road Trips With Small Children

      A few things you will need when travelling Europe by car

      Your own breathalyser find it here

      A GB bumper sticker

      A warning triangle if you break down

      Headlight beam deflectors

      these top ones are compulsory in France and most of Europe

      We also used a Toll Tag and it was so much easier than stopping to pay at each toll instead, the tolls read the tag and bill you once you get home. You can get yours here and once you have it you can use it over and over again.

      The RAC has a fab checklist here

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      Looks like an awesome adventure, I want to go on a road trip now! 3 weeks is a long time though haha. Lovely & educational post, Natalie, who knew you need your own breathalyser!?! Xx

      Thanks, Tiff, not just one either you need a few :/ It was awesome and the 3 weeks flew by but the cat’s almost never forgave us 🙁 But so worth it xx