What motherhood has taught me

      Being a mum is amazing but its also scary as hell and sometimes damn right hard. My Daughter is my world and the reason I work so hard.

      I want to show her it’s possible to follow your dreams, be your own boss and the creator of your own happiness.

      I raise her to be strong, believe in her voice, stand up for herself when needed, be kind and just be her true self warts and all.

      She is beautiful inside and out and utterly annoying at times, she’s also stubborn but she gets that from her Dad.

      I like to surround her with powerful female role models and this week we lost an unbelievably special woman, her Nanny and just 2 days before her 8th Birthday.

      This week has been the hardest week as a Mum so far but Evie has been amazing and I have never been prouder of her, children are resilient and such a blessing.


      So here are a few things I have learnt

      Paint her nails

      Let her play with make up – but maybe don’t let her leave the house in it

      Don’t judge her duck face selfies and don’t get cross when you have zero storage in your phone because she has filled it up with snap chat deer or bunny eared selfies.

      Don’t force your tastes on her, I’m not a sparkles girl and Evie is, our tastes couldn’t be any different and I LOVE THAT

      Sing together at the top of your lungs

      Be silly together

      Do force your favourite childhood movies on her and eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate until you burst

      Let them fall asleep in the garden under the stars and then carry them to bed.

      Ride your bike with her

      Let her fill her bedroom with rocks, sticks, containers full of bugs, egg boxes and loo rolls for art ninja projects

      Embrace her shoe addiction even if I only have 6 pairs to my name!

      Snuggle with them

      Embarrass her

      Show her LOVE and lots of it

      Embrace and encourage her Dad/Daughter relationship

      Tell her how beautiful she is

      Laugh about what floats out of her in the bath (I swear small villages live in our curls)

      Teach her how to be healthy and not how to be thin

      Instil her with body confidence as well as self worth

      Have Mum/daughter dates and let her make the rules

      Love her Dad as much as you love her and let her see it

      And most importantly if you say no explain why its a no

      There are a million things I have learnt and will continue to learn, she is my greatest achievement and nothing tops her


      I want to say thank you for all the kind messages I’ve received in the last few days, my amazing friends and family for just keeping me sane this week and helping me stay strong for Simon and Evie and to all my clients for being so understanding.


      Nat xxx