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      Having a new baby is an amazing time, it’s also a time that passes in a flash, they just don’t stay babies long 🙁

      Newborn sessions are long, anyone that’s had one in the past will know they average between 2 and 4 hours and you end up with a small gallery with varying images of your babies in buckets or different wraps and it never sat right with me, it distracted me from what’s really important, them.

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      A New Approach

      So I’ve decided to take a new approach to in-home newborn sessions. These sessions are baby led and this also means we can get through our session much faster.

      I capture all the details along with some cute images of your baby in poses that are natural to them and their personality.

      Those newborn photographers that do beautifully styled newborn images are very good at what they do and normally tend to specialise in it. If that’s the type of images you want, then, in all honesty, I’m not the photographer for you on this occasion and that’s OK.

      I would advise every Mum to choose the right photographer as this is a once in a lifetime event and you won’t get that time back.

      Paying for a professional photographer is a big investment you have to connect with your chosen photographers images.

      I only photograph a limited number of newborn sessions each year, my style now is very simple and clean, I don’t over pose baby, I let baby lead me through the posing.

      I no longer style the shoot with props and accessories, other than the odd headband or handmade hat when the baby is happy with it.

      Not only do I capture your newborn on their own I also capture them with their parents, grandparents and siblings. I use whats around me to capture this whether that be inside the home or out in the garden, a field or your local park.

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      How It Works

      I’m not studio based, I love being outdoors too much so I travel to you. I find this is better for baby and means you don’t have to bring half the house out with you when you leave.

      I bring everything with me.

      All I need is a patio door or a room with a lot of natural light, some space to pop my posing bean bag and maybe a cup of tea.

      I use very simple and comfortable poses and as I have said above I use the baby as my guide, I won’t put them in any position their not happy to be in.

      I’m a big fan of white but I do have other neutral and fun options, but they tend to be more pastel or earthy in their tones.

      I don’t tend to use bright colours.

      I want it to feel organic, real and timeless.

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      For more information please contact me

      My newborn session fee is £85 and digital packages start from £250 you can find my prices here.

      You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram

      I cover the whole of Wrexham, Chester, North Wales and surrounding areas.

      Thanks for popping by

      Nat x

      Newborns Wrexham