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          So you’ve been thinking about booking a photographer to capture your newborn, but your not sure what type of session will suit you best

          Studio, at home lifestyle or outdoor?

          Lifestyle sessions take place in your home, Studio sessions take place at a photographer’s studio space and Outdoors sessions can be held anywhere outside (sorry to spell it out)

          I cover at home and outdoors sessions and I’ve popped this blog post together to help you figure out if what I do is for you and what to consider before booking an ”in-home” or ”lifestyle” session.

          The image below was shot in-home near patio windows and was accepted to Vogue Italia 🙂

          newborn Wrexham

          baby pictures Wrexham

          Benefits of an In-Home session

          In-home sessions are more relaxing, you have everything you need around you and to hand.

          Grandparents can pop in for some images and the best bit, siblings won’t get bored.

          There will be more variety to your images.

          2 for the price of 1 if you have older siblings, you get newborn images and up to date images of the older children BONUS.

          Endless outfit changes.

          Newborn, baby, outdoor newborn, family, Wrexham, Chester, North Wales

          Things to Consider

          Natural light

          Natural light is the key to good images, is there a time of day that your home is lite best by natural daylight?

          Do you have one or two rooms that are brightest?

          Do you have lots of big windows?

          All of these will affect the end result.

          newborn Wrexham 


          We can’t all be interior designers but a few things to consider when choosing the rooms to photograph in.

          Is there any clutter? if so hide it away (we all have Monica’s closet somewhere in our home) we want your images to feel like home but anything that doesn’t normally live in that room is best put away as it can be distracting.

          The main one is washing on the radiators or the kid’s toys sprawled out.

          Bright colours can be distracting a more neutral decor will photograph better, but don’t go redecorating its just something to be mindful about.

          Sessions will be relaxed, don’t go mad and feel you need to clean your entire house, we can work around things and move things out of view as we go, you’ve just had a baby.

          If you have a Pinterest style home then an in-home session will really show off how beautiful your taste is.

          Wrexham baby photographer

          Move outside

          Don’t forget to utilise the garden space, the size of the garden doesn’t matter at all, you can even use any of the green space around your home.

          Moving outside for some images adds variety to your end gallery and if you have older children being outside is a great way to capture them playing.

          wrexham in home newborn session

          Chester lifestyle newborn photography


          Pets are super cute and part of the family so let them join in or just wander about in the background.


          If you want a prop included in your gallery then please let me know ahead of time and I will bring something suitable along, however, if you have a basket, box or blanket you’d like them photographed in just have it handy to one side.

          I no longer do over posed images of baby or photograph baby on the posing bean bag. Instead, I use your bed, cot or sofa to capture some images of the baby on their own.

          It just doesn’t sit right with me and started to feel a little unnatural and it’s so time-consuming.

          But popping them in a cute wrap in a basket every now and then for one shot is cool 🙂

          Newborn Lifestyle session North Wales

          What if they don’t sleep

          Don’t worry, these sessions are more about you as a new family and not about a sleeping baby so don’t worry at all and you normally find taking a baby from mum is a little upsetting so the more they are held by you the happier they will be.

          More often than not we can get at least one shot of baby asleep on their own.

          However, if the natural newborn is not for you and you want baby posed and sleeping then the photographers that offer that type of session will prep you ahead of time on how best to get baby all sleepy and they are fab at it.

          Posed vs Lifestyle

          So what’s the difference? both can be done at home but are very different

          Posed is the more traditional style of imagery where a baby is posed in cute positions and sometimes with hairbands and lots of emphasis on the baby.

          Where lifestyle is more relaxed and shows a real connection between the baby and its parents and siblings.  Its also documents your family more from cleaning the bottles to bathing baby if you should wish.

          My style is to gently pose you in a relaxed way that feels natural to everyday life.

          I like us to step outside for a few of the images as well if possible.

          I will always capture those little moments like winding baby, feeding baby and baby with their siblings.

          Lifestyle for me is the perfect balance between documentary and posed.

          lifestyle newborn Wrexham

          Outdoor Sessions

          You can also opt for your newborn session to be fully outdoors, I have a handful of locations depending on each season and time of day.

          There is also something magical about a baby in nature and I always think breastfeeding in a meadow looks dreamy.

          Indoors isn’t for everyone 🙂


          What to wear

          Ok, this sounds crazy but try and match your decor, not to the point were you blend and merge into the sofa and just become a floating head but coordinate nicely.

          Neutral and pastel tones always work well but if you fancy colour maybe just have pops of it here and there.

          Some babies skin can be quite red so if you are finding this it’s best not to wear that colour yourself.

          Wrexham baby photographer

          My Approach

          When I first arrive I’ll ask you to show me around your home and point out where you get the best daylight.

          I like to use a few rooms in your home were possible, beds always look good and if babies nursery is ready it’s nice to capture them in there too.

          I’ll ask you if you have anything you want to be included in the images and anything you don’t.

          We can quickly discuss what you’d like me to capture whether it be the day to day stuff, precious moments, bathing baby or if you prefer the shoot to be fully led by me.

          Feel free to invite grandparents along for a few images also, this is a time you’ll never get back.

          Lifestyle in-home sessions are 2-2.5 hours long

          Lifestyle session can be done at any age, baby is more sleepy and dad is normally home for the first 2 weeks so that tends to be a favourite time to book your session.

          I tend to shoot newborn session midweek but weekends can be pre-booked.

          What Should Baby Wear

          I’m a fan of a white onesie, neutral or pastel babygrows or a muslin cloth.

          I will also bring along some wraps and blankets that we can use should you wish.

          Outdoor newborn photography

          What can I do to prepare?

          Just relax, I know you will be a little stressed as baby is new and some woman with crazy hair and a camera is about to invade your space but I’m not scary at all, I promise.

          The main thing I want to get across is to just go with the flow and let baby lead the shoot.

          Feed when they want to be fed, there is no rush. If baby is crying don’t worry we can work around this and if you want to stop for a brew halfway through I’ll have one sugar and a splash of milk 😉

          Book your session a little in advance, we can always move the date around to suit babies arrival, but at least that way you have a secured session.

          Newborn, baby, outdoor newborn, family, Wrexham, Chester, North Wales

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