North Wales Photographer,

          First things first I’m Nat 30 something photographer living in Wrexham, North Wales.  I’ve been a full-time photographer now for almost 3 years.

          Some of you may already know me, I may have captured images for you, someone you know or a friend of a friend has recommended me to you.

          Some of you may have just stumbled upon me via social media or a google search, either way, I am happy to have you here and maybe work with you someday.

          Here is where you can find out not only ”the what, the who & the why” I do it, but my approach to photography and what to expect from our time together.

          Photography is a very personal thing, you’re letting a complete stranger into your life for a few hours and that can sometimes leave you feeling a little vulnerable.

          I know when I look to book a photographer to capture my family I have to make sure they reach my expectations and their style, images and personality are ones that match mine.

          Every time someone books in with me I get excited and feel honored they chose me, I am so lucky to have repeat customers, who have become friends and a huge part of my business.

           I don’t take that honor lightly

          For me, it’s all about capturing beautiful and emotive images and telling your story for generations to come, through my eyes.

          North Wales Photographer wrexham photographer

          North Wales Photographer

          The what, the who and the why

          Before booking in with me I would suggest you look through my portfolio, social media and blogs to make sure my images and editing style resonates with you and your home.

          A photo shoot is something I think everyone should do at least once, I totally get that they can be expensive but they are worth saving for, a good photographer is worth every penny.

          I pre-plan the locations, the best time of day to shoot there, I will help you with your outfit choices and colors, I will spend the time getting to know you and making you all feel relaxed.

          I will ensure I capture you in a beautiful and timeless way and most importantly I will guide you through the whole process.

          A fully edited private gallery of images will be delivered to you within 10 days of your session.

          I never want any of you to feel uncomfortable and if you read some of my feedback you will see that they all felt really relaxed and like they’d known me a long time, here are some Facebook reviews

          North Wales Photographer

          North Wales Photographer

          Where will your shoot be

          I don’t have a studio, I feel grounded and more creative outdoors, I’ll happily be outside all year round.

          The weather can sometimes be a pain for an outdoor photographer, My camera and I are happy to come out and capture you in anything but gale force winds, thunder and lightning, heavy rain and the odd days where it is just bitterly cold as it’s not fair on little ones or my fingers other than that we are good to go.

          if the weather is bad on the day of our shoot we will work together to rebook you in on a day of your choice, at the time of booking in I will ask for your preferred date and a backup date just in case the weather changes, this tends to be during colder months only.

          So where will the shoot be? I have a number of favored locations that I use, when looking for locations I am always thinking about pretty backgrounds, great light, quiet areas and above all locations where your children can run around freely and safely.

          Because of this, all my locations include a bit of walking, however, if for any reason you need a drive up and shoot location for medical or pram reasons then I have that covered too, but please tell me at the time of booking.

          I’m happy to shoot at new locations, locations of your choice and in your home. I do prefer homes to be light and airy to ensure we can capture you properly.

          There is a small charge for locations over 30 minutes outside of Wrexham, I cover the whole of North Wales and further.

          North Wales Photographer

          Cheshire Photographer 

          What to expect

          Like I said above expect a little walking, a lot of chit-chats and me suddenly stopping you mid walking chit chat as I’ve seen a spot of pretty light on route to the pretty light 🙂

          I’m super relaxed so our session could last up to 2 hours, I really don’t like to rush you or your children into it and find taking our time makes for more relaxed and natural images.

          I don’t wait for moments to happen I create them, I will pose you but in an extremely relaxed way. You won’t be left standing in awkward positions waiting for instructions.

          I always say bring along a few snacks, favourite toy, some water, and the family pet, well maybe leave the goldfish at home but dogs are very welcome.

          Wrexham Photographer 

          wrexham, north wales, photographer

          What to wear

          I’ll send you a what to wear guide and a link to some of my Pinterest boards as visual examples always work better, but the most important thing is your comfort, these images will be hung on your wall and popped in your albums so you also have to love your outfits for years to come.

          Sometimes I may ask you to remove your trainers where possible as I’m a bit, anti trainers, they tend to age a picture fast I’m also not a fan of big logo’s or decals.

          Floaty fabrics, hair down, patterns and plain T’s are a BIG love of mine.

          North Wales Photographer

          North Wales, Wrexham, Family, Photographer

          Let’s Talk Money

          So I have a session fee, the fee price varies depending on 3 things if it is a

          Midweek £50

          Weekend/Bank Holiday £65

          Newborn shoot £85

          The session fee covers our time together, my creative eye and your online gallery. It doesn’t include any prints, images or products.

          Session fees must be paid in full within 7 days of booking to secure your date.

          Canceled sessions will not be refunded but will be held on account for you should you wish to book back in at another date.

          Once the session has taken place, you’ll receive a fully edited gallery via email for you to choose from, nothing has to be paid until you have reached your final decision and selected the images, prints or products you would like to purchase.

          Most of my clients opt for a digital image package, there are 3 options and these are downloaded directly to your PC or laptop.

          One – 10 full resolution digital images – £225

           Two – 20 full resolution digital images – £325

          Three – All of you Images (21+) full resolution digital images – £425

          Additional Digital images can be purchased at £45 each, galleries can contain 100+ images

          Wrexham, Chester, North Wales Family & Childhood Photographer

          To book an Autumn shoot check out my Autumn Blog post here

          To book in for 2018 or 2019 please contact me

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          Also, check out my portfolios to get a feel for my work here

          As ever thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this or even just for looking at the images I really appreciate it

          Nat x