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          So this is something I have been thinking about for a while, mainly because life is short and full of really shitty (excuse the language) situations and too frequently those situations are life changing and totally suck.

          Knowing there is something that at some point is going to steal your husband, your wife, your child or anyone you love more than life itself is a stomach sinking, heart destroying and a life-changing hell hole of a situation to be in.

          You know that at some point that person is no longer going to be here anymore and all you will have is your memories and a broken heart.

          I want to give something back to these families and couples, this will be hard but it will also be so rewarding and these images one day will be looked back upon with so much love, a few laughs and a lot of tears.

          Charity Photographer

          Giving Something Back

          I have decided that once a month I will capture a family, a couple or an individual who has been dealt with that shitty card.

          This all comes from the personal situation I have found myself in with my family, a lovely couple I captured who were battling breast cancer and Jon Hesketh asking me to come along and help captured the gorgeous Mia, who sadly lost her battle at the end of November.

          Seeing how much those images meant to Martine, Mia’s mum really resonated with me and made me want to help more people out.

          I will be giving these sessions away free of charge and you will get all the images, I would love to do more than one a month but I have to keep Evie’s Ohuhu pens topped up 😉

          But if I can give 12 families every year the gift of memories then that makes me happy.

          The reason I want to give one session a month away is really simple, not everyone can afford a photo shoot and most people just don’t think about capturing these moments as it’s just so upsetting, not to mention the last thing on your mind but you will be so thankful you did.

          I want to be able to give something back.

          Sessions will be held in Wrexham, you don’t have to live in Wrexham to apply.

          The shoot will be catered to your needs and we can take as little or much time as needed.

          I won’t share any images without your permission but sharing images and raising awareness of certain conditions really helps.

          Charity Photographer

          So here’s the hard bit

          If you’re a mum or dad who has just been told you have a terminal illness, life-changing illness or your child was born with a life-shortening condition and you want to capture some family images please get in touch.

          When you do the shoot is up to you, but I would always say when you or your child is at their healthiest (so to speak) before you lose your hair or are admitted to a hospice is normally favoured, but that bit is totally up to you, these images are yours and I want you to be captured your way.

          Please check out my work before applying each month to make sure you like my style 🙂

          Lastly please share this, tag friends on Facebook who may be interested, these situations are horrid to be in but if you can preserve just a small part of that person’s life in a photograph, it can make a HUGE difference.

          I love this image below, it’s of me, my husband Simon and my Daughter Evie and it was captured by my awesomely talented friend Caroline of Caroline Pearcy Photography and it makes me happy and thankful everytime I look at it. I don’t know what our future hold’s for us, but I know I will capture as much of it as I can, I will get other photographers to captures us and I will live it to the fullest.

          I’ve promised to do a blog post about Brugada, Si’s ICD and Evie but for now, it’s still a bit too raw.

          To apply please drop me a message, all my links are below 

          End of Life Photographer

          Wrexham End of Life Photographer

          Wrexham, Chester, North Wales Family, Childhood & Couples Photographer

          To book in for  2019 please contact me

          You can also find me on



          Also, check out my portfolios to get a feel for my work here

          As ever thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this or even just for looking at the images I really appreciate it

          Nat x

          Andrea wong Chuenok

          Hi Nat,
          Iv been wanting to sort some family pictures gor a long time. My mums battled breast cancer and survived. Shes supported me through the worst time of my life when i list my son George due to still birth 9 days after he was due. Unfortunately my mum was diagnosed again with Cancer on the linning of her lung which has been managed but not cured and now its in her liver. My mum is 73 and still fights the good fight. Her medication has now been upped due to the growth of the cancer. Her grand childrenare her life and the joy they bring her is delightful.
          If i am lucky enough to win this amazing kind gesture i would love it to b a family shoot with her children – me and Andrew, partners, husband of course and the 3 grandcholdren.

          Thanks Andrea

          Such a commendable thing to do, Nat. Having photos with your loved ones is so important and even more so in these situations xxx