Wrexham Newborn Photographer

          Congratulations on either being pregnant, birthing a small person or adopting a tiny one, all three are mighty hard to do 🙂

          Before we start I just want to let you know overly posed images are not me, I will never force your baby into any unnatural poses.

          Instead, I go with how your baby prefers to lie and is comfortable for him or her. I like for baby to be with Mum or Dad as much as possible as this is where they feel safest.

          Capturing the little details like toes, hands, and lips are essential as those are what change the fastest and will never be that small ever again.

          I have two newborn photoshoot options

          In-Home Lifestyle Session or an Outdoor Newborn Session

          I do love to step into the garden if the weather permits on lifestyle sessions but only if you’re up for it

          Outdoors always works great with older siblings and if your house doesn’t have a great deal of natural light.

          I have more information on my newborn sessions and what to expect and prepare for here

          Instagram and Facebook will have more images than below

          Please see my portfolio of images below

          Newborn Wrexham Photography

          Newborn photographer Wrexham | Chester | North Wales