Outdoor Maternity Photographer  | Wrexham | Chester | North Wales

      So being pregnant isn’t always as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be, we spend half the time figuring out how to get the bottom half of our outfits on without having to shout someone to help, towards the end getting out of the bath is a 2 man mission and our walk is less than great.

      But I can promise you this without a shadow of a doubt, it is when you are at your most beautiful.

      Growing another human is just beyond amazing, creating a little life that is part you is so special and worth capturing.

      You can capture your pregnancy solo, with your partner, with your children or the whole family.

      Maternity sessions last between 40 minutes to 2 hrs depending on the party size and what you’d like to capture.

      A maternity session is best captured around 32 to 37 weeks, by now your bump is lovely and round and dropped a little.

      Some examples of my Maternity work can be found below and I always keep Instagram up to date.

      Any questions just ask

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      Maternity Photographer Wrexham

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      I was just wondering how much your maternity package is? And what it includes?
      Thank you

      Hi Kadie, sorry for the late reply we have been on holiday, I have emailed you some details over but you can also find my prices here http://www.natalieoverthrowphotography.co.uk/prices. Thanks Nat x