Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Why I don’t photograph weddings and who I recommend

      So I have wanted to write this for a while now and with requests coming in weekly I thought now would be the right time to do it.

      I specialise in children and families its the two genres of photography I just love and above everything I love being outdoors, I hate being cooped up indoors, I think it stems back to being a child and being kicked out by my Mum until the street lights came on, you were hungry or one of the locals told me she was looking for me.

      When you start out in photography you try all the genres and you quickly learn which ones you love, like and hate. Weddings for me is one of those genres I don’t like.

      Don’t get me wrong I love weddings themselves and I absolutely LOVE looking at other wedding photographers photos, but a wedding photographer I’m not and never will be.

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      How I know It’s not for me

      I used to second shoot weddings for photographers, I booked in 3 of my own weddings when I first started out and I even photographed two of my close friend’s weddings whilst being a bridesmaid and this quickly taught me not only that it’s hard work but it can be crazy.

      I really think the UK has weddings all wrong. What I mean by this is there is a regimented template for most weddings and it is mainly set out in the venues with stupidly strict timelines.

      In my recommendations, there are a few photographers that seem to have this sussed even though there will be timings involved they seem to be able to deliver beautiful creative images and even steal their couple away from the venue.

      Choosing the right wedding photographer

      It is so IMPORTANT to meet with your wedding photographer, pick their brains, see examples of their work, blog stalk them and talk to other brides that have used them.

      The most important thing is you have to like them as an individual, you have to connect with them, you are putting your whole day in their hands.

      There are so many amazing wedding photographers around, I would always recommend that the bride & groom book someone who specialises in weddings or weddings make up the majority of their work. That way you know they live and breathe it.

      Wedding photographers work hard for their bride & groom and are worth every penny.

      It’s a stressful day making sure you capture everything on their list as well as those candid moments along with what the photographer is known for.

      It’s a long day, their equipment is heavy and they barely get to eat or drink, on hot days its a killer.

      They have to do everything needed by you within strict time limits, they also need to be able to take control of the situation to ensure all this is met and people don’t wander off or even that they don’t run out of time.

      Most wedding photographers don’t tend to specialise in one venue, they are everywhere.

      One tip

      Don’t always take wedding photographer suggestions from venues, they tend to either steer you towards the ones that either give them a cut or run to their timelines the best, this doesn’t always make for the best photographer for you, I’m not saying that photographer isn’t awesome but be wary.

      Weddings sometimes go off plan

      Weddings sometimes go off plan so having a seasoned wedding photographer is a must or at least someone who has second shot at least 10 weddings.

      These photographers will be able to cope with the stresses of what goes wrong and in most cases solve it, the majority of them do more than just take pictures. An experienced wedding photographer is invaluable.

      Second shooters

      If your photographer offers a Second shooter I would highly recommend you take them up on it.

      Second shooters are priceless they can grab those little moments the main photographer can’t when he or she is busy with the bride or group shots for example, it also gives you 2 different viewpoints on your day, and when your bridesmaids are awol they are there to help you with your dress or hold your flowers.

      If I had a pound for every time I did this I’d be a rich 😉 I used to carry an emergency kit in my gear full of all the things you may need to fix disasters like a torn strap, loose hair or a headache.

      Don’t be afraid to ask to see a second shooters portfolio of work, most will be second shooting to build a portfolio, they will be more than happy to show you.

       If you want to become a wedding photographer I would highly recommend second shooting.

      For me, it taught me that weddings weren’t for me, my heart just wasn’t in it, it’s fully submerged in child and family photography.

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

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      So below are some photographers I’d recommend they are not the cheapest around but you’ll get what you’re paying for.

      Wedding images are SO important, they are your legacy and a visual memory of that day.

      I’m going to make a few suggestions for three different styles and approaches to wedding photography. Some will be local and some will travel the UK and aboard.

      You don’t always have to someone local us photographers are happy to travel.

      If you click on the name title it will link you their websites I’ve also included some examples of their work and extra links.

      These are what I would name these genres the artists themselves may name themselves something different.


      Fine art photographers

      If you’re after a stunning light and airy feel with some film images added to your wedding photography then I’d highly recommend these two wedding photographers, this is first on my list because I love this style of photography above all others.

      Jessica Davies Photography

      Jessica is a friend of mine, we met on workshop a few years ago and her images took my breath away, she is also a genuinely lovely person who really cares about capturing beautiful timeless images.

      Jess travels worldwide and is based in the UK, Her blog is full of gorgeous weddings go take a look she is worth every penny. There is a video on Jess’s home page about her process.

      Wrexham wedding photographer

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Christina Sarah Photography

      Christina shares her time between the UK and France, She also takes stunning fine art images. I first saw her work when I read a blog post on a Chester engagement session she had done and fell in love with her work.

      You can find that blog post here along with others, again Christina is worth every single penny.

      Why I don't photograph Weddings | wrexham family photography

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Contemporary photographers

      This is my second favourite style, it just screams wanderlust, freedom, fun, relaxed, documentary, and the tones make me so happy 🙂 below are some of my favourites.

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Enchanted Bride

      I love Jo she is wonderfully bonkers, we spent a few days together on a workshop and I don’t think she wore shoes once lol I also hate footwear so I was instantly drawn to her.

      She describes herself as part photographer, part mermaid, her unique style draws fellow untamed types who have also unlocked their inner wilderness.

      Jo was named one of the top 50 photographers of 2017 and it is so well deserved, her work is incredible.

      Why I don't photograph Weddings | wrexham family photography

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Christopher Ian

      I don’t think he has taken a picture I don’t like, he just gets it right every time. Christopher is based in Cheshire and covers the UK and abroad.

      His approach to photography is to capture the day as it unfolds making use of the environment he is in.

      It’s storytelling through images.

      His blog posts are beautiful and you get a real feel for the whole day, be warned you will lose hours looking through them.

      If like me capturing the small things and the details are as important to you as the big things you won’t be disappointed.

      Why I don't photograph Weddings | wrexham family photography

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Modern photographers

      So last but not least Modern style photography, this is a good mix of posed, relaxed, creative, fun and candid images.

      I like it because it covers everything, you get a varied yet consistent gallery of your day with some really fun shots thrown in.

      Wrexham Family Photographer

      Che Birch-Hayes Photography

      I came across Che’s work when a friend sent me to this blog post here to check out the AMAZING flamingo shoes aren’t they awesome.

      Che is another one of those photographers that can really story tell a couples day through his blog posts, he manages to capture everything.

      Che is based in Herefordshire and travels the UK and abroad. To me, his images scream fun and everyone seems so relaxed. I also love how he encourages brides to keep the group shot list low.

      Why I don't photograph Weddings | wrexham family photography

      Wrexham child photographer

      Phil Rees Photography

      I have second shot for Phil a lot over the years and his service is professional and he is also a genuinely nice bloke, most of his weddings are recommendations or family members returning for a quality service.

      He also has over 10 years experience and has exceptional taste in second shooters 😉

      His photography style is a mix of classic, contemporary & documentary with a relaxed & natural style. Phil is local to Wrexham and based at the Plassey and covers Cheshire and North Wales.

      He also speaks Welsh as a Second Language.

      His couples are always super relaxed around him and this shows in his imagery.

      Why I don't photograph Weddings | wrexham family photography

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      Contemporary meets Modern Photography

      Clara Cooper Photography

      Lucy is my curveball she fits into both these categories and her work is beautiful, it always makes me smile.

      Lucy is based in the UK but also photographs weddings abroad,  her approach to weddings is fun and laid back. She creates beautiful, emotional, hilarious & awesome images with real feeling.

      Check out this blog post by here it describes her work to a T

      Why I don't photograph Weddings

      Why I don’t photograph Weddings

      I think I have covered most areas above and given you some food for thought. Your wedding only happens once make sure you choose the right photographer.

      Here is a little reminder of what I do and I love it.

      So if you need your little ones or your family captured I may be your gal 🙂

      Thanks, Nat x

      You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram

      You can also check out more of my work in my portfolio here


      Hello! I’m the flamingo shoes bride!
      I cannot recommend Che enough, it was like having another mate at the wedding, he put us at ease when we had the couple’s photos and caught the soul of our day absolutely perfectly!

      Thank you so much Natasha for commenting. Its so important you click with your photographer and it sounds like you had a real connection with Che. Your wedding shoes were amazing I love them, where were they from? X