” Everybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child”

          Tim Burton


          Wrexham & Chester Family and Child Photographer

          I’m a wife, a mother, a light chaser and an outdoor girl. I’m based in Wrexham but also cover Chester, Oswestry and North Wales.

          I would live in sandals all year if I could and I hate coats. I’m comfy outdoors and love spending it with little humans, their fascination with everything still sits naturally with me.

          My favourite images to capture are natural images, photos that will take you back to that memory, that age, their chubby cheeks and how their tiny hand fits perfectly in yours. 

                  Please scroll down for some F&Q’s and a little more about me

          Wrexham Family Photographer


          For anything not covered below please contact me - Wrexham & Chester Family and Child Photographer

          Wrexham & Chester Family and Child Photographer What happens once I've booked a session?

          ​Before the photo shoot date, we will plan out a few things like location, goals, what you want to do with the images from our session, any additional needs your child may have and we can even discuss clothing and props. I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

          How long does a session last?

          On the day we NEVER rush into a session, we have no awkward poses and we have no forced smiles, this is just not how I shoot, each session is allocated a two-hour window and I am more than happy to run over this where needed.
          If you have a child with additional needs we can tailor the session length, place and time, taking all their needs into consideration.

          Bad Weather or Illness?

          If on the day the weather is against us or one of you is ill we will reschedule to suit both our diaries. I tend to shoot in most weather conditions except heavy rain, really thick fog, strong winds and when it's just too cold for the little ones to be outside.

          What should we wear?

          I have a style guide in my 2018 brochure, the brochure will be emailed across to you once you have booked in and paid your deposit. I'm also just at the end of the phone or email and happy to talk you through this, as it's an important part of our session.

          Sharing your images

          Sharing images from your session helps me to attract more business as well as showing off just how cute you all are ;) HOWEVER I only share images on social media sites, blogs and my website with your FULL permission and NEVER, ever without it. Please feel assured if you want your session kept private, it will be.

          What if my children misbehave

          I love emotive images and the only way to get these is to let the children warm up to me first. From my reviews on Facebook, you can see that I'm a big children person and love spending time with them, as they keep me young.
          My photoshoots are fun, relaxed and all about the children. It's a fun afternoon outside exploring and capturing your child's personality with real smiles. I used to be a nursery nurse, I'm also a mum and after 3 years as a photographer, I have learnt a lot of tricks :)

          Probs and things?

          I have lots of tips and tricks to relax everyone on the day, to capture special moments. I have a boot full of blankets and boxes galore for them to sit on, I even have some outfits you are welcome to borrow. For newborns, I have lots of props/blankets that I will bring with me. However, you are very welcome to bring your own, especially if they hold special memories :)

          For your peace of mind

          I'm fully insured
          First aid trained
          I have a Basic disclosure check certificate and it's shiny clean :)
          *If you're an organisation wishing to hire me and require a full DBS/CRB disclosure you will need to request this on my behalf as I can't purchase a DBS/CRB check as a self-employed individual, only the basic disclosure certificate I have above.
          Wrexham & Chester Family and Child Photographer

          Mums & Dads

          No child is perfectly behaved, no child does everything they are told and this is OK
          I'm here to capture their personality as well as their cuteness :)


          I have uncontrollable hair
          I love sunsets
          I own 37 pairs of sandals but always wear my one favourite pair
          I love road trips, especially in France and Italy
          Photography is my full-time job and I love it
          I drink too much tea, I take it dark with a little milk and 1/2 a sugar, please :)
          Center Parcs is my happy place
          I'm obsessed with Columbo and diet programmes
          On a weekend if I'm not working you'll find me at a National Trust site or up a hill somewhere
          We have two Cats, Rosie & Betty
          At 30 something (cough cough) I still can't pass a railing without twirling on it
          I'm a qualified Nursery Nurse and Nutritional advisor in health promotion and disease prevention
          Wrexham & Chester Family and Child Photographer | Natalie Overthrow