Pricing & Product Information
          North Wales Child & Family Photographer, based in Wrexham
          First things First

          My prices are simple, first, choose your session fee and then your image pack and/or products.

          Minimum Spend

          My Clients on average spend between £150 and £1500 with me.

          My minimum spend is £150 (print package) plus your session fee.

          Session Fee Payment

          The session fee needs to be paid in full within 7 days of booking to secure your session. The Session fee doesn’t include any products or digital files, it just covers our session time together, my creative eye and the online gallery. You can't deduct your session fee against any other purchase.

          After the Photoshoot

          You don’t need to choose or pay for your image pack option until you’ve received your online gallery, once you’ve chosen your pack and/or products you will be invoiced.
          You can add additional extras on to packs from prints to canvases, this information can be found in my brochure, I’ll email this across once you’ve booked in.

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          Below is all the information you need from my session fees and packages to products and prints.
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          If you can't find what you're looking for then please drop me a message.

          Session Fees

          My session fees cover our time together on the day, your online private gallery and my editing time.

          Session fees do not include any images, prints or products and can’t be deducted against the cost of any other purchase.

          Midweek Session Fee – Monday to Friday and includes school holidays but excludes bank holidays
          *Weekend Session Fee – Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays
          *Newborn Session Fee – Monday to Friday excludes Bank Holidays, weekend dates can be arranged.

          More information below, just click the images.


          Your digital images will be sent as a download.
          For those that don’t own a laptop or desktop, digital images can be supplied on a boxed USB at an additional cost of £10.
          Image galleries are too big to download to mobile phones, I will, however, send an app gallery to everyone so you can easily share your images with friends and family when you’re offline.


          Gift Vouchers can be purchased all year round and are a great way to share love, say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.
          These are my best selling gift vouchers below however, I do offer gift voucher values of £50 -£500. Sometimes family like to contribute to photoshoots or just buy the session fee.

          Gift Vouchers are valid for 14 months from the date of purchase.
          Gift vouchers can be passed onto family members if you can’t use them for any reason.
          If you decide to upgrade you will only pay the price difference.
          Session fees are included in the voucher cost.
          You get a full session that can last up to 2 hours.
          You can’t exchange your digital files for prints.
          Vouchers are none refundable even if unused.

          Little Tip
          Gift Voucher One is a great way to book in with me and spend a little less and still get 5 great pictures.